Your most reliable teacher is making a mistake

Alex Mathers


Failing feels icky.

But what do we lose when we try to avoid it?

Reflect on this for a moment, and you may realise that you lose a lot.

Be ok with making mistakes.

Share that thing even if you don’t feel ready and it doesn’t seem perfect.

Speak up when you’re worried what they’ll say.

We’re our least effective when we’re worried about making a mistake.

Because it tightens us up.

To be free, expressive and effective, we need to be loose.

We can’t be thinking about avoiding mistakes.

That’s pure self-pressure, and it takes us away from doing.

We simply need to lean in.

Sucking in the heady reality of an uncertain future.

Lean in.

You may make a mistake…

But it’s better to make a mistake than never to live.

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