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You can’t outwork someone who is enjoying themselves

Alex Mathers
2 min readDec 4, 2023


With all the various hacks, tricks, formulas and clever solutions people come up with to make us more productive…

Why is it that we still find creative ways to procrastinate for half the day?

Why do we still continually seek out new, clever methods for getting more done?

Could it be because all these strategies that supposedly help us get more focused are only tending to the surface level?

Perhaps what we really need is to know what to do at the core?

What do we need to change at the root, to be more productive?

Here’s the thing:

It’s not about finding some special trick.

We’re all born productive and crazy creative.

We’re productive by default.

Watch children — how they run and shriek and laugh from morning to sunset.

They aren’t ‘trying’ anything. They just don’t get in their own way.

SO, what’s the opportunity for you?

When you find something that intrigues you, and you step out of the way — and you allow yourself to enjoy the process…

The enjoyment picks up, expands and lights up the path ahead.

You can’t outwork someone who’s tapped into this natural energy at the root.

You can’t outwork someone who’s found a way to enjoy it…

…One thing at a time.

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