Me in Vietnam taking a motorcycle pitstop a few years ago.

You can make money living anywhere if you do what I did

Alex Mathers


I’ve spent the majority of the last 14 years living overseas.

I’ve spent many months in Tokyo, Vietnam, Georgia, Bangkok and now Krakow, Poland.

I’ll often point to a place on a map, pack my bags, and go there alone.

I could never stay in one place for too long.

There are just too many cool places to experience.
I’m not talking about holidays or vacations.

I don’t even like holidays that much because I love my work too much.

I’m talking about really living somewhere, longer term.
My work allows me to do this.


Because my priority from day one was always this:

• Stay footloose.
• Don’t be tied to any one employer.
• Have several clients.
• Build a loyal tribe of Internet people.
• Do work I can do anywhere with a wi-fi connection.

It wasn’t talent, luck, connections, or skill that allowed me to do this.

It was because I prioritised.

It’s all possible, and I continue to make it work because I prioritise location…