Why you do NOT need to know your purpose

Alex Mathers


Many times I have worried that I’m not doing work that answers a ‘purpose.’

To do work that is ‘my calling.’

To create things that will change the world for the better.

To do work that is ‘meaningful,’ and ‘valiant,’ and ‘noble.’

That only this kind of work can fulfill us.

The ‘gurus’ tell us this often.

They are both right…and wrong.

I think a lot of us can be stalled by overthinking this stuff. We aren’t able to commit to a new project, or we have doubts about the work we spend time on.

If it’s not changing the world for the better, or morally significant, we doubt ourselves, and we may never proceed with a project at all.

I have often asked myself:

‘Is what I’m doing my true calling?’

‘Do I know my purpose and am I following it?’

‘Am I wrong for wanting to do this for the money?’

No, I’m really not. I’ve never known what my purpose is. And I’ve wound myself up in thinking that I’m supposed to know what it is.

When we hear a guru or a pundit espousing the importance of doing work for the greater good, it’s because they are often already where they need to be to make this possible.

In this way, they are right. They have achieved a level of experience, wealth and influence to be able to turn to these things more consciously.

Yes, it is important to do work that is important to others; to the world. This is important for sustaining you in the long run, not to mention it will actually help the world!

But that will come in time, and often without you needing to think about it.

First, we need to be concerned with creating momentum in our own lives.

This starts with building a foundation.

You don’t need to know your purpose when you first get started.