Understanding how I am connected makes everything better

Alex Mathers


It is very human to believe it’s them and us

Me versus the world!

I am separate from everyone else.

I am this way because my thinking says so.

I share this planet with other disconnected beings. I am an island — isolated in time and space.

I have thought this way for much of my life. At boarding school in England, I suffered greatly in continually directing my attention to how I was different, disconnected, and odd.

Thinking of myself as a disconnected soul has worked its way into my sense of who I am, but it has never helped me.

Understanding the positive implications of connectedness has proven to be one of my most significant breakthroughs.

Regardless of the science; your views on spirituality; the opinions of seemingly intelligent people, and how we rationalize the idea of ‘connectedness,’ the richness of our experience can be guided by a simple choice:

We can choose to be consciously connected to all things, or we can choose to be unconsciously disconnected.

Sometimes we forget the power we have in merely choosing.

“It is the ability to choose that makes us human.” ~Madeleine L’Engle

Identifying with disconnection is always limiting.

Our choices can imprison us, or they can help us realize total freedom.

Why is having a sense of separateness limiting?

‘Can’t I just live in my body, and work hard and do things my way and enjoy a sense of toughness in my isolation, without other annoying people interfering?’

To best answer this, it helps to see how the opposite is true.

When I was growing my graphic design business in my twenties, one of the most significant challenges was bringing in consistent income. Some months I had work, and other months, zilch.

All of the work came from people finding my work online.

I was an illustrator who ‘landed’ clients.

I would receive people’s money for my artwork if I was lucky enough to attract a client.