Twenty one sentences that will make you mentally stronger than 98% of people

Alex Mathers


Let’s dive right in:

  • Happy people know the past has no bearing whatsoever on their present behaviour.
  • Overwhelm can be diminished quickly with five slow, shallow, nasal breaths.
  • No one has the power to decrease your self-worth because self-worth is just an idea.
  • If you’re struggling but rarely exercise — that’s the bulk of your issue right there.
  • Stress is not caused by external circumstances but rather by internal ideas.
  • If you want to feel good about yourself, help others feel good about themselves.
  • The stiller your mind, the more connected to life force, and therefore creatively joyful you will be.
  • Walking for at least twenty minutes will solve over 85% of your problems.
  • If you can find a way to be ok with being disliked, you will be unstoppable.
  • Remaining calm when triggered is the number one life skill.
  • Suffering is always tied to the illusion that we have a ‘self’ to protect, which is simply not true.
  • Miserable people expect others to be a certain way.
  • The happiest people expect nothing from no one.
  • Physically relaxing yourself in the moment will dramatically reduce your sense of mental stress.
  • The more natural and less processed your diet, the stronger will be your mind.
  • You will limit yourself to the degree you blame others for your problems.
  • There are no problems in the present moment.
  • We get depressed when we over-consume because humans were designed to create things.
  • If in doubt, get off your ass and move.
  • You don’t need to try to ‘think positive’ because we’re already totally ok when we let go of negative thoughts.
  • You don’t need things to be a certain way to be happy, because you can choose to be happy right here, right now.

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