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Twelve reasons you hate yourself and will continue to suck at life

Alex Mathers
4 min readFeb 29, 2024


There have been many moments in my life when I felt terrible, weak and victimised.

But here’s what I learned:

Like the slight nudge of the joystick on a plane, you can divert the course of your life by thousands of miles with a tiny shift in mindset.

The nudge you need is not to fall into the following traps:

You’re obsessed with your past.

Your past seems real, but it’s nothing more than an idea. Ideas get people on the moon.

Ideas can also limit you in powerful ways.

If it suffocates your present-day joy, you must find a way to detach from the past.

You think you need ‘fixing.’

Don’t believe the hype sold to us by psychologists.

You don’t need fixing. You only need to grow and learn.

Spending time worrying about your ‘inadequacy’ holds you back unnecessarily.

You have everything you need to navigate life with intelligence.

You think you’re nothing like your ancient ancestors.

‘It’s like the 2020s! Times have changed!’ you shriek.

Put a sock in it, Sebastian.

Your biology and natural instincts don’t give a monkey’s butt about the date on your freaking apple watch.

Evolution is a slow process. Little has changed regarding what lights us up and keeps us alive.

You may want to cover up your danglers in public, but beyond that, do as your ancestors did for optimal health.

You believe your dumb thoughts.

Thoughts are tools.

They are not facts. When we believe a made-up lie in our heads, we’re being foolish.

Please stop allowing your mental estimations about life dictate what’s true.

You will waste time and do regrettable things. Use thoughts as tools, not as your personal fortune-teller.

You think worrying is intelligent.