Twelve hacks I use to help me through things that scare the crap out of me

Alex Mathers


There are a lot of things that still scare me.

There are many things I have avoided because I didn’t want to look stupid in front of other people (and still do).

There are relationships I blocked, and experiences I denied because I didn’t want to look and feel like an awful, sweating, mumbling schmuck.

As I’ve taken on more regrets and learned more about how life works, I have accumulated a handful of tools, philosophies and methods that help me do my best.

They give me an edge that allows me to more calmly take on challenges I may have otherwise avoided.

I have incorporated most into my regular life as the norm, but many help reduce nerves and feeling better for one-off occasions too.

Maybe these don’t apply to you. Maybe your whole life will change, you won’t believe how you lived as you did before. Some may be obvious to you.

These have worked for me…

Reduce carbs and sugar

Ever notice when you’re at a cafe, and you see some folks eating sugary treats and cakes near you, within about fifteen minutes, they’re slumped motionless in front of their phones.

They had their sugar spike, and now they’re zombies. Avoid the sugary stuff, and your energy will soar.

We can argue all day on the science of all this, but I’m here for results. I know that reducing bread of all kinds, grains, wheat and refined sugar always makes me feel better.

I have more energy, less to zero brain fog, and anxiety is much less.

Take it easy on the dopamine

There are lots of sources of dopamine hits, especially strong ones like video games, smoking, porn, drugs, nightclubs, sugary food — even going to the cinema.

When your dopamine receptors get repeatedly used, this can start to wear them out. You become desensitised to normal everyday things, so that life seems flat and dull.

This high stimulus stuff leads to a crash, which can make you more nervous, jittery and distracted.