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Three simple truths that will turn your ’laziness’ into bold action

Alex Mathers
3 min readJun 8


The last post on laziness you’ll ever need to read.

You get lazy sometimes.

You’re likely reading this because you don’t like being or feeling lazy.

I’ve been addicted to working most of my life.

I love to create things.

And yet, there have been many moments where I’ve been stuck, seemingly unable to move.

I had days where I’d be watching videos non-stop.

And I’d hate myself for being there.

So I spent a long time figuring out how to be free of this lethargy.

What I found surprised me in its simplicity.

1) Your RESISTANCE to laziness makes you lazy.

Weird idea, right? But this has been huge for me. As a natural lover of work, I hated any signs of my being unproductive.

I learned over the years that my resistance to laziness was making me less productive.


Because I was stressing myself out, this made me angry and stuck.

As soon as I allowed myself to be lazy, I relaxed and found that I wanted to get up and work, create and make things anyway.

2) You don’t know your ONE, next, simple step.

That’s it?

Do you mean I don’t need to know the whole breakdown? I don’t need to know my 1, 3 and 5-year goals? I don’t need to have it ALL figured out before I start?

Yes, that’s it. You don’t.

I made myself lethargic by filling my mind with the vastness of all my’ projects.’

You may recognise this as overwhelm.

I was rushing into my future. I was scaring myself. Of COURSE I was lazy.

When we’re overwhelmed, we act rationally by shutting down so we can cope. No one wants to take on a seven-armed monster…

But what energises us?

Making things EASY.

So, make it easy.



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