This little addition to your creative process could multiply your results

Alex Mathers


Creativity can be effortless in some moments and a nightmare in others.

At times, it flows, like a catamaran gliding over glassy waters in a persistent gale.

At others, we feel like weary explorers battling through the thick, grasping vines of our jungle minds.

Often we try to start our work when we are scattered. We feel flustered, and we want to be elsewhere.

Our minds wander. We feel scratchy. We pop another glance at those people walking into the cafe.

We get annoyed because we have this thing to do. And we even kind of want to do it. We’re interested, and yet we still can’t hear the starting pistol that pushes us forward.

When we do finally get going, we try too hard. We try to force things. We try to fight our frustration, rather than working with it.

I’m in a rush too. I want to get things started. I want to make things now, and I want to finish them quickly.

But I’m not getting anywhere.

This is when I pay attention to the first step I’ve often neglected.

This step need not take long.