Why the warrior’s path is the only path

Alex Mathers


One of my coaching clients was struggling with feeling like he’d lost his spark.

In his words, he had a general ‘low emotional frequency.’

Where he was once enthusiastic about life and work, he was now ‘just going through the motions.’

He told me how, as an introvert, and someone who hated meetings, he wanted a life that featured less human interaction.

His rationale was that if he avoided certain situations, he’d be less stressed and feel better.

His spark would return.

But knowing myself, I know this isn’t the solution.

You can’t improve your life by avoiding life.

I feel flat whenever I spend any length of time avoiding the things that bring me fear.

And the same applied to my client.

We found that the essence of what he was afraid of was the failure to connect with other people.

And so, seeing how to revive his enthusiasm again was evident:

He needed to take responsibility.

He needed to become a leader.

He needed to lean into the fear of connection.