The unusual way to overcome money fears (so that making money becomes easier)

Alex Mathers


If you asked every adult on earth to list their biggest challenges, I bet that one of the most common complaints — if not the most common — would be money.

We worry that we don’t have enough to pay our bills. And we are anxious about losing the money we do have. Even when we have more than enough, we fear losing it and pine after more.

“I’ll be happy when I have an extra couple of grand coming in each month,” we say. And we never quite get to the amount that feels satisfying.

We live on a planet that runs on money. We rely on money to survive, exchange and get what we need to support ourselves and our families. Surely this means we need to take it seriously. Survival is at stake. Health is at stake!


Many do take money seriously. Many even view it as having a damaging and corrupting influence.

It doesn’t. Money holds no meaning whatsoever. Money is neither good nor bad, just like all the circumstantial phenomena that I’ve spoken about so far — be it public speaking, deadlines, endless to-do lists, and so on. These are neutral phenomena unfolding within the theatre of shared universal Consciousness.

So is money.

Money is a tool. It has no meaning other than the meaning we attach to it.

As we’ve seen so far, we tend to apply certain beliefs to the world around us in ways that don’t serve us. These beliefs could have been formed in all kinds of ways, from things our parents said, to cultural programming to the films we watch.

None of it matters. At their purest essence, beliefs are thoughts that arise moment by moment that we needn’t even acknowledge.

Several beliefs prevent people from making money more freely and from being at peace with the idea of wealth. A common belief is that making money will make us happy. In other words, if we lose money, we lose happiness, self-worth, or joy. All this effectively means the same thing: We take money personally. We tie money to ourselves.

This is what our egos do. We create an identity through things that exist outside ourselves because we fail to understand our inner…