The six unusual secrets of the happiest people

Alex Mathers
4 min readSep 19, 2023

I’ve lived a life with plenty of unnecessary struggle, heartbreak and frustration.

I’ve always been interested in what separates generally happy people from those who seem to attract all the struggle and bad luck.

There are several ‘secrets’ shared by the happiest people I know. Here they are:

Stopped searching.

A curious thing happens when we do as 99% of humans do, which is to search for happiness: we become unhappy.

If we’re knowingly pursuing the illusion of ‘happiness’, we are unwittingly communicating to ourselves that we’re — you guessed it — not happy.

The chase emphasises the lack.

When I reveal to my clients they already have everything they need to be happy, right here, right now — I always enjoy watching the relief wash over them.

‘You mean I don’t need to get the girl or the Lambo to be happy?’ You can absolutely prioritise those things if you like.

But you do it from a place of wholeness and innate happiness.

When you approach life FROM happiness, you perform 100x better.

Can sense connectedness.