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The nine habits of the most determined people

Alex Mathers
4 min readDec 6, 2023


(Read this if you want to stay energised over the long term)

When you ask most people who accomplished incredible things what made the most significant contribution, you’ll find a common answer:


No one is determined all the time. We all suffer setbacks and moments of doubt. But we can nurture a determined spirit that carries us over the long term.

These are the habits shared by the most determined people:

1. Honour their commitments.

Commitments drive their lives, as does the need to follow through with what they said they would do.

They create commitments and do whatever it takes to fulfil these contracts and live with integrity.

They hire coaches to help maximise their support and accountability with commitments if they can.

2. Write their goals down.

The practice of physically writing goals down daily is a secret of the determined.

They know that the act of putting exciting targets down is invigorating and foundational to living one’s purpose. Purpose is not lived tomorrow. It is created today.

Writing sets this reality in motion, and keeps it moving.

Michael Neill described the power of goals in a way I loved: ‘creating goals help you fall more deeply in love with life.’

3. Prioritise the ‘non-negotiables.’

Many people burn out or quit because they neglect their need to maintain high energy levels.

We can become so focused on a target that we fail to care for what we need the most: our energised selves. Determined people identify the essential habits they can’t go without. This might be a daily walk, reading for an hour, or meditation. And they come FIRST.

Time is carved out on the calendar for non-negotiables before everything else.

Your clients, your career — even your family — CAN NOT take precedence over your energy. Do this, and you’ll have trouble putting your fire out.