The nine daily habits of the most elite modern men

Alex Mathers


Hey pencil arms, lean in and give this a read..

This is an elite list for a reason, and you don’t need to follow it to the tee, especially if you’re a straight baby back bitch.

Let’s go:

1. Beat the sun up.

Beyond the joys of witnessing the slow stirring of life in the early morning, sunrises and gaining back more time, there is a powerful sense of ownership that comes from getting up early.

Generals with donkey nuts get up before their slumbering armies, just like you emerge before anyone else.

Doing things that elite people do instantly makes you elite. You embody the figure of a leader.

Wake when it’s dark. Your life will change.

Don’t whine, just do this tomorrow.

2. Nofap / retention.

The temptations can be huge, and I get it. But you sabotage your success greatly if you fiddle your Jimmy Jangler or watch Sally shaking her milkers on Wimp Hub.

The benefits of quitting are documented and monumental over the longer term.

Handling your sexual urges is the foundational habit that transfers into all other disciplines. Elite men can say no to pussy handed to them on a plate or screen.

The key part (the secret) is semen retention, which I attribute to my most successful phases in life. It also makes you live longer.

You needn’t stop sleeping with women to retain.

Learn more about tantric sex and dry orgasm.

3. No alcohol or drugs.

Beer might seem manly, and there’s a sentimentality to the idea of men drinking alcohol.

Cool, but it will also cloud your mind, make you depressed, and give you bitch tits.

Same with drugs, and don’t give me that shit about how it ‘eases your anxiety’ — it’s all an excuse and makes it worse.

So just quit entirely, even when it’s Christmas. Be boring as F.

Elite men know that the real reward isn’t a cold beer or a spliff after a long day — it’s the thrill of having a…