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The new skills we need so we aren’t destroyed by the exponential growth of the Internet

Alex Mathers


Isn’t the Internet marvellous?

I’m scanning the room, and about half of you are nodding your heads.

Another handful of you stare blankly.

One of you is picking your nose.

The rest of you are grimacing.

A rotund fella at the back has a red face and is getting up to leave (his face wasn’t red moments ago).

We all have different opinions on the Internet.

These thoughts slide and morph depending on our mood, and our recent thoughts and experiences about said Internet.

Right now, I’m feeling excited and hopeful, but I wanted to throw my laptop out the window ten minutes ago.

One of the things opened up by the unbelievable magnitude of new data sources and interconnectivity is our ever-widening access to other people’s creations and personalities.

At no point in history has it been easier to see other people — often younger and better-looking than you — succeeding and getting themselves out there.

It’s easier than ever to be threatened by the success of others.