The greatest transformation I had looked like this

Alex Mathers


If you were to ask me, ‘Alex, how can I ensure I stay weak, tired and scared for the rest of my life?’

I’d say this:

‘Absolutely, friend, I have your answer. And it’s this.

You ready?

You must buy into the idea that other people can influence how you feel.’

‘Wait, I’m sorry, what?’

‘You heard me correctly, my dude.

Let’s turn it around, then:

To ensure you are energised, excited and awake, you must understand that other people do NOT have any power over how you feel.’

I’ve spent most of my life in fear.

I was worried about what others thought of me.

I was at the mercy of a sly remark, or a mean criticism.

If someone said something harsh, I’d feel it for a day.

I was vulnerable, but I was also selfish.

It took me years to undergo a slow transformation.

This change came out of the realisation that when we are self-obsessed, our frequency is suppressed.

When we turn our attention outwards to lifting others and making a real contribution, we too experience a subsequent lift, and any…