Photo by Luke Ellis-Craven on Unsplash

The five habits of successful and outstanding rebels

Alex Mathers
4 min readNov 30, 2023


Rebels go against the grain.

Doing this, whether intentionally or not, makes them stand out, inspires others, and often brings success.

Can you think of rebellious people you admire?

And can we be intentional about our rebellion?

Of course. We can adopt rebellious habits that boost our brands, our confidence, our following and our businesses:

1. Develop psychological immunity to criticism.

You can’t be a rebel for long if you’re overly worried about what people think about you.

Real rebels have nurtured an OKness with being disliked.

In fact, they often do things they know will invite judgement because it indicates that they are standing out and making an impact.

To become mentally strong in this area, you must learn to create space between your emotional experience and your consideration of the opinions of others.

The truth is there is no link between the two.

Your self-esteem needn’t be at risk if you’re criticised. It just feels like it.

This requires awareness. You must regularly remind yourself that you are safe, and if someone is offended by what you do, that’s their issue.

2. Continually push their ‘comfort boundaries.’

Societal programming has created various invisible boundaries most of us don’t even realise we exist within.

But we know we’re getting close to breaching these imaginary social limits when we feel resistance, self-consciousness or some breed of fear.

Rebels expect to feel weird when they push against their edges because a voice is speaking to them.

It says, ‘this is not acceptable.’

They operate within the realm of what is ethical.

But they use these boundaries as indicators of the direction to move.

No one who left an incredible legacy in the world didn’t feel uncomfortable as they pushed outside their bubbles.

3. They create ‘hybrids.’