The eight traits of the most indestructibly ‘fearless’ people I know

Alex Mathers
4 min readJun 22, 2024

Fear and I have formed a very intimate relationship over the years.

When Valentines comes around, we even like to share gifts.

I never used to like Fear. In fact, I believed her to be intrusive and, quite frankly, rude.

But now our connection is stronger than ever.

She has taught me more than I could ever ask for.

I learned what it means to navigate the world boldly.

Here are the 9 traits of the most fearless people:

They use Fear as a guide.

Frightened people and fearless people use fear very differently. Those running scared see fear as an indication of what to avoid.

They feel it, batten down the hatches, and are outta there.

Fearless people use fear as their wisest guide toward the things worth doing.

Your greatest passions are reaffirmed by the fear you feel because those things hold tremendous meaning to you.

Form a positive bond with Fear.

Scared people detest the feeling of fear.