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The 7 thinking styles of people who seem to have all the ‘luck’ in money-making

Alex Mathers
4 min readMay 27


I’ve been in business for myself for over a decade.

I’ve made as many mistakes as wins.

I’ve followed those who succeeded and I’ve coached others. I’ve seen what worked and what brought myself and others misery.

There are commonalities that tie those who seem luckier than others:

1. They are willing to let go of their past.

Few people who succeeded in business held on tight to their past.

They may have fond memories, but they don’t allow the past to dictate present actions — because you need to evolve, adapt and change.

This includes letting go of the stories they had about themselves or their regrets. Many old friends had to be dropped.

Those who have trouble levelling up tend to be overly sentimental, unable to introduce substantial change.

You must disconnect, burn the past, and continually be reborn to succeed above the masses.

2. They are ‘unreasonably’ persistent.

The most successful people possess a seemingly inhuman level of persistence.

They may be frequently criticised for their hunger or obsessiveness for their work.

They have faith that they will see results if they stay on track and creatively find their way through. They stay moving, even if they need to evolve and pivot.

They know that they put themselves at a tremendous advantage by staying with a project that little bit longer than most who gave up because it isn’t easy.

Most people don’t want the difficult option.

But staying in it is what sets them apart, and ensures their plans come to fruition.

They know they can’t possibly fail if they don’t quit.

3. They don’t ‘trust’ the process.

Trusting that things will work leads to hesitation and self-doubt.

You can’t put blind faith in something that hasn’t happened yet.



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