Ten ways regular writing gives you more freedom

Alex Mathers
4 min readJun 10, 2024

When I struggle to find the excitement to continue writing, I remember the freedom it brings.

Here’s how a regular writing and publishing practice brings you freedom:

We connect to something profound.

There are a few ways we can write.

One is to write out of fear, and the other out of love. When we’re overwhelmed and rushing, we tend to write rather robotically.

We don’t enjoy the process, and our readers do not either.

The alternative is to let yourself go to the process and the art of the practice.

When we do, we connect with an inner wisdom — a deeper well of creative flow.

This is where the joy of writing comes from. Whether for a fleeting moment or full immersion, we connect with something outside ourselves.

Our readers can’t describe it, but they are thankful too.

The books, articles and posts you write can be seen as assets.

Just like we buy real estate to expand and secure our wealth as assets, we can do the same with our words.

Assets like books bring us attention and income long into the future, contributing to…