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Ten ways living minimally creates a significant unfair advantage for you

Alex Mathers
4 min readNov 25, 2023


Many of us are overwhelmed with all the stuff.


Stuff everywhere.


Life gets easier when there’s less to think about and less to manage logistically.

So, how do we simplify and live minimally?

It doesn’t mean you need to live like a monk, but there are things we can borrow from an ascetic and streamlined approach to living:

1. Forget multitasking.

That’s so 1994. Become a pro at single-tasking.

Do one thing at a time without distractions, and I mean NO distractions.

Get rid of your damn phone while working.

With whatever you’re doing, go ALL IN with all your attention.

This one thing will set you apart, making you more handsome, and life far more effective and enjoyable.

2. Hire out stuff you want to avoid doing.

Most of us grind through the day working on tasks we dislike while forgoing time spent on things that are far better suited to us and our strengths.

It’s not a loss to pay someone to help you if it means creating more time for higher-value activities that ultimately earn you more.

3. Be obsessed with the essentials.

It’s easy to allow life to muddy our priorities.

As the days go on, we say YES PLEASE to more and more stuff, often without realising how much we’re weighed down by taking on too much.

Chill for a sec and say NO.

Regularly re-assess your priorities and ruthlessly cut everything non-essential.

4. Have fewer clothes.

(That’s not what I mean, cheeky.)

I mean owning less.

Clothes can become an unruly amorphous organism living in our wardrobes.

We buy more and more and don’t even use all of it.