Ten ways I transformed my writing from boring to fresh

Alex Mathers


How I transformed my writing and blew up my articles.

For years my articles were ignored.

A lot of frustration occurred before I learned the route to originality and began sharing fresh takes on old ideas.

You can use all the clever tricks, techniques and templates you like as a writer, but you won’t attract interest until you’ve written something no one has seen before.

So, here’s what I’ve learned about keeping my writing original:

Make it personal.

No one has had your experience and seen the world through your unique lens.

The more you make it truly about what you know, how it impacted you, and how you think, the more original (and fascinating) it is likely to be.

Stop self-censoring.

The juicy stuff comes out of being willing to make mistakes and even offend others.

Most of us try to avoid this. We write to avoid mistake-making. This will kill your originality.

Writers are blessed with the ability to edit, which podcasters, live streamers, and presenters cannot. We can take out the sensitive stuff later, but only once you have written without a sense of consequence.

That’s where the gold is excavated.


Your brain and the recesses of your mind will surprise you when you allow it to dig deeper.

See how many ideas you can generate from one question.

Write long brainstorm lists. Use the last idea you reach after you think you’ve exhausted every possible idea on a topic.

Most people share the first answer they know. You can go further.

Go where no one else dares.

Ask yourself: what could I share that few others would be willing to talk about?

This direction will likely make you feel a little nervous. Prolific blogger James Altucher has said he doesn’t hit publish if he doesn’t feel weird about doing it. This is what makes for terrific writing.