Ten tips that will quickly multiply your creative enthusiasm

Alex Mathers


This took me many years to internalise, and now I can’t stop myself. I’m a creative maniac most of the time, and this doing my business a whole lot of good.

Let’s see what we have here that helped me the most:

Understand the ‘300 rule.’

Some years ago, I shared the idea that we shouldn’t expect any traction or engagement from our work until we’ve created and published at least 300 pieces.

Obviously, this isn’t a hard rule, and it applies differently to different kinds of content. For clarity, we can apply this to, say, a thread or a youtube video.

It took me writing and sharing hundreds of articles before anything took off.

You will likely succeed far sooner, but don’t expect success or going viral before you’ve produced at mass.

Focus on the numbers. Knowing this makes it easier to power on when you might otherwise get disappointed.

Decide to be a maniac.

Don’t listen to the bozos who tell you to take it slow and ‘just enjoy life.’ No.

They want you smoking weed on the sofa with them, unproductive as all hell.