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Ten tips for growing fast on X if you’re a beginner

Alex Mathers


I grew my Twitter account rapidly from scratch to over 100,000 followers in 2022 and continue to add about 50–100 followers per day.

It’s brought me many opportunities, helped me make an impact, and fueled my business with new customers and clients.

Twitter shows no signs of slowing as a powerful tool to help you over the coming years.

Here are some tips for those of you starting out:

1. Commenting on other accounts.

Do this with especially larger ones, which will get you and your ideas exposure, leading to a few more follows.

This is a solid way to create credibility in whatever space you want to make a mark. Spend at least 10 minutes each day commenting and engaging.

You’ll also make friends this way, which is essential for the next point.

2. Make friendships with people.

You can nurture these relationships in the DM messaging part of the platform (or on another app, like Telegram).

This may seem like a lot of work with little leverage, but friendships are essential on Twitter.

Friends open you up to other audiences when they retweet you.