Ten dirty little tricks that instantly raise your sense of self-respect

Alex Mathers
5 min readSep 27


We can be experts at complicating our lives.

We hold ourselves back because of the stories we tell ourselves.

We have ridiculous, made-up neuroses like ‘imposter-syndrome’ and ‘comparisonitis.’

It’s pretty incredible just how much we limit ourselves in our minds.

And it really is a mindset thing.

John isn’t more successful than Martin because he’s ‘better.’

Martin just didn’t limit himself as much.

And the more highly we regard ourselves, the more likely we are to take action on the things that are good for us.

It’s a long-term game, but there are things we can do to make notable shifts in perception and energy quickly:

Reach out to another human.

Most of us are too busy over-obsessing about ourselves to think too much about opening up a communication channel to a person with whom we would not usually connect.

Send a friendly message to someone. Show them you are there. That is all.

This instantly puts you in a responsible, compassionate position.

And this will amplify your self-respect right away.

Slow down.

It’s easy to think, in our overwhelm, that we must now rush to ‘get more done.’

This puts us in a panicked, rabbit-in-headlights state that is far from empowering. Go the other way.

When you’re stressed, you need to slow down. You see things more clearly here.

You don’t become more respectable when you achieve something. You become respectable in order to achieve more.

Write a F*cked up and Proud list.

Most humans skulk about all day in shame and in fear.

Greg once said they were weird at school, and that stuck with them.

They’re living out their diminished and crippled personality.

Lame-Ville, New Jersey.



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