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Ten big money remote career alternatives to having a boss (that don’t take years to build):

Alex Mathers
4 min readDec 7, 2023


You don’t need a ‘job’ in the old-fashioned sense anymore.

In fact, you’re generally better off these days if you secure your own income, on your terms, without being tied to any one employer.

It’s riskier to rely on a single employer (job) than multiple customers or clients (your own business).

Here are some ways to make money using your knowledge, personal passions and experiences:

1. Course-creation.

Create an online program composed of written material, audio and/or videos to teach people about a specific pain point.

Courses are powerful because they can be replicated and scaled, so the income generated is theoretically unlimited.

For example, if you’re good at Poker, you can teach people through an online course how to level up their game so they can make a living from playing professionally.

2. Personal coaching (+ therapy and healing).

Coaching is similar to consulting, but there is one main difference: your intention with clients is less about telling them what to do step by step.

Coaching is concerned more with encouraging the client to lead themselves via the power of their own insights.

This is why many forms of coaching are separate from a specific niche, though they can be, such as a relationship coach.

3. Marketing agency or freelancing.

Hundreds of individuals and companies need to market their products to be seen, develop relationships with customers, make money and grow.

You could provide a service as a solo practitioner or scale this support by working with a growing team in the form of an agency.

Marketing yourself as an agency also tends to attract higher fees because you’re perceived as a brand rather than an individual.

4. Sponsorships and affiliate commissions.

Not every content creator needs to rely on selling direct products or services off the back…