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Ten behaviours that make people respect you more

Alex Mathers


I’ve learned a lot about human behaviour through years of awkwardness.

People don’t need to know very much about you to make a snap judgement about the kind of person you are.

You can take advantage of this by making a few subtle shifts in your everyday behaviour.

These will improve the perception people have of you:

Stop always being available.

You don’t always need to respond to that text.

You don’t always need to smile, laugh or get back to people. You shouldn’t be always available, and your real-life can reflect this. It can’t be an act. It is a sense of scarcity that creates the perception of high value.

Create a life that makes you and your time scarce.

What impression does ALWAYS being available transmit?

That’s right.

You have little self-respect, you aren’t focused on your own stuff, you aren’t in high demand, and you probably don’t have a mission — people will sense this.

Talk less.

I was always ashamed that I spoke little at school. Much of this came out of my shyness, but even today, I often find it difficult to find the words.