Six ways to become needed by your customers and clients so you have all the financial freedom you need

Alex Mathers
4 min readJun 19, 2024

True freedom isn’t necessarily living in a cabin, isolated and detached. It is to be needed — this gives us options.

Then you can live where you like without stress. When we have choice, we can do whatever we want.

And to be depended on requires you to nurture your value in a way that others cannot emulate.

You must become indispensable.

Here’s what I learned and working on to create this in my work as a travelling writer:

1. Focus on service.

Indispensability is not a one-sided thing. There have been many talented people who created fantastic things but sadly weren’t needed.

Their works lay discarded in an attic somewhere after they died, and no one cried.

Those who have people forming a queue around the block for their goods, talents, and services have found the part of them that genuinely gives a shit about helping other humans get results.

There are two sides to it. 1. Your creative brilliance and 2. People that are actually helped.

You must bridge the two, and this comes from a dedication to service and understanding who it is…