Six steps to mastering the art of non-resistance (so your confidence rockets)

Alex Mathers
4 min readSep 16


Two people sit under a large tree on a bench by the river.

The tree is full of blossoms; many lightly fall to the ground like snow.

One person is annoyed, continually swiping at the air and their clothing to get rid of the falling petals.

The other person is smiling, covered in petals.

Both have the same experience externally but different internal experiences. One resists.

The other is welcoming and having fun.

You could say the latter is practising the art of non-resistance.

When we can do this, life opens up in inconceivable ways. We are more at peace more of the time, which is vital for our health and our creativity.

Here is how to develop this in you so you avoid unnecessary stress and thrive:

1. Understand why resistance hinders you.

The first step is knowing why non-resistance is essential.

We have a resistant thought when our reality is not to our liking.

We hate what’s going on.

We seize up. We grit our teeth. We get annoyed.

Our thinking is clouded.

This is not a pleasant state, nor is it a resourceful one. We are likely to make mistakes in this state, and we literally create stress.

We know we perform better when we are relaxed and in flow. This understanding is vital, and it requires reminding.

Now you have purpose.

2. Decide to be open to not resisting.

Next, we observe the power of choice.

Are you willing to adopt a new way of interacting with reality?

One that favours letting go over tightening up?

Understand that positive aggression, used as a tool, is very different to being angry.

Aggression works with reality — with the creative flow of the Universe — whereas resistance tries to push against it. So now you have even more reason to resist less.



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