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Six immature decisions that will (drastically) sabotage your progress

Alex Mathers


I’m not always mature. Deep down, I’m still a kid.

I’m all for being playful and tapping into your inner child.

But there are some actions I regret in my life and mistakes I wish I had avoided.

All of these came from choices that reflected a lack of life experience and a lack of consciousness.

This is the immature mind at play, and it doesn’t always serve us.

Here are some decisions we can make that hold us back and can even create tremendous setbacks that can be avoided:

1. Reacting in Anger Without Thought

Most of the worst decisions or actions people make that almost always end in major regret are rooted to this point.

The immature person has done little to cultivate space between a triggering thought caused by an external event (like being insulted) and their responding behaviour.

In other words, they reacted without a breath and without thought.

You must develop more self-control in this area than any other emotional management aspect.

This kind of thing gets people locked up for a lifetime because they acted in the heat of the moment where their…