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Seven ‘superficial’ tips that will get you 10X further in life

Alex Mathers


It can sometimes feel like we’re running on a hamster wheel of hell.

I know the feeling.

It’s worse when we can’t explain why this is and don’t have a clear route forward.

But often, the thing we need the most isn’t some massive and drastic overhaul.

It can be a very subtle shift.

It can even appear ‘superficial’ to those who don’t give small changes a try.

Here’s what I mean:

1. Sharpen your clothing.

Tidying up how you dress will set you apart in this lazy-ass modern world.

Most people put so little effort into their outward appearance that the bar is low.

Iron your shirts. Wear clean shoes. Ditch the sweat pants in public.

Take some pride in what you wear.

Now — this isn’t so much about what others think.

This is about moulding an identity for yourself: one of a kickass hero who gives a shit about themselves and has high standards.

Sharpen how you dress, and you will sharpen your life.

2. Be bold.