Seven reasons I’m betting on Substack for my writing business

Alex Mathers


I’ve been slowly falling in love with Substack.

I have three Substack newsletters, and I will likely start a fourth one for my fiction. I know, I cray cray.

You are, of course, reading this on Substack.

But what is this Substack of which I speak, really?

Substack is a continually evolving platform, so it’s not really any one thing, but to put it simply…

It is an email broadcasting tool that allows writers and creators to publish content to their email list while having their content be found on the application’s website itself.

When an email is sent, your subscribers interact with you inside Substack.

Substack themselves define their platform this way:

Substack’s simple system lets you publish to the web, email, and our app simultaneously so you can find new readers and always reach your existing audience.

Substack does lack some of the functionality, for now, of tools like ConvertKit, which allows you to automate email welcome sequences, for example.

I may combine the automation capabilities of ConvertKit with Substack as I go. For example, I want new subscribers to receive a five-day email series automatically that promotes some product of mine while introducing me more clearly.

This will require some clever finagling with a tool like Zapier. I could just join ConvertKit outright, but I just can’t leave Substack.

Here are some more reasons for why I’m betting on it:

Superior multi-media functionality.

I love Substack’s design interface and aesthetic, making all the emails I send appear beautiful and enjoyable to read.

This is important to me.

But Substack is also great for sharing forms of media beyond writing, like podcasts and videos.

They integrate nicely with the interface and the experience is seamless because it all happens within-app.

Paid feature for business.