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Read this right now if you’re stressed…

Alex Mathers
3 min readFeb 19, 2024


Realise that worrying won’t help, even if it feels like you have more control over life.

You don’t. You really don’t. And this is good.

A relief for all of us, friend. When we stop worrying, we give space for fresh wisdom to emerge effortlessly.

Take three slow, long shallow breaths through your nose.

See the secret beauty in being ok with uncertainty. Psst. No one knows what they’re doing.

They may say they do, but they’re as in the dark as you are. I’m not kidding. The future doesn’t exist, and as humans, we wish it did, but it doesn’t. And that’s ok.

Trying to pre-plan everything is destroying you. Stop. Be ok with not knowing.

Chuckle to yourself at the futility of wishing things were different. You can’t change what can’t be changed, so why do you presume to have magical powers no one else has?

Your magic is in letting go of your wishes and taking the tiniest, most obvious step right now.

That’s all we ask of you (me anyway).

Think of three things you’re proud of. What did you do this year that took courage?

Good. Good for you. We’re proud of you, even if we didn’t say it out loud.

Drop your shoulders and allow a subtle smile to ease through.

Understand this: stress is man-made.

It is a label; a concept. You made it up. You’re not ‘stressed.’

You’re feeling the buzz of energy that arises when you think scary thoughts. That’s your doing. Do you see that? Your thoughts have such power that they literally create your emotions and your reality. You don’t even need to think positive.

That’s a waste of energy, and makes you more self-conscious. Just relax and let go to what’s in front of you.

Do it now. Look around you. See how everything is fresh, without critical judgement.

That’s a good thing.

You’re creating everything.

Write down your top three ‘causes’ of stress. Then write down the one best solution that applies to each.