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Quit any one of these habits, and your anxiety will instantly decrease

Alex Mathers
2 min readSep 27, 2023


Feeling some anxiety is part of the human experience and helps us navigate dangers and obstacles.

But if it affects us so that we are limited and avoidant, we know certain habits we have allowed to creep in that aren’t serving us.

The following habits contribute to unnecessary anxiety:

We reject uncomfortable feelings.

The modern world takes feelings far too seriously.

Many of us have conditioned ourselves to resist uncomfortable, icky feelings.

We feel nervous or bored, and our immediate impulse is to get out of there fast.

This resistance to our own feelings emphasises those feelings, making us more anxious.

The solution?

Be ok with not always feeling great.

Allow processed food to make up more than 20% of your diet.

I’m being generous here.

Anything refined, processed, and far-removed from its natural state promotes an imbalance in our bodies.

When we aren’t in harmony, our bodies speak to us.

We’re more likely to experience what feels like anxiety if we’re out of equilibrium.

Believe people have the power to decrease your ‘self-worth.’

A belief is a habit.

When we think certain things repeatedly, we reinforce those things and create our realities.

The idea that other people have the power to affect your self-worth is a belief most humans entertain, and it makes us fearful.

When we challenge this belief, we see it isn’t true and realise a deeper sense of personal security.

Think about ‘anxiety’ often.

Much of society’s problem with anxiety stems from having it on our minds in the first place.

Yes, the irony is notable.

When we regularly think about our ‘mental health’ and how there appears to be something wrong that needs fixing…