Nine underused little behaviour hacks that will make you feel 10X better about yourself today

Alex Mathers


Yeah, I see you, moping about with that scowl on your face.

You’re worried about that bill you still haven’t paid. You’re feeling this weird sense of ‘meh’ and wish you were back at the beach dribbling sandcastles.

But what if it didn’t take much to turn things around for you today?

Here are some tips that work for me:

Activate your inner child.

Do it now.

Little Bobby has been sitting in the dark corner of your mind for the last few months, bouncing a ball against the wall waiting for your miserable ass to lighten up a bit.

The playful spirit of children isn’t something to put away like old ski boots in the attic.

It doesn’t mean playing the clown.

It’s about approaching reality with a playful openness that keeps you creative and awake.

Buy a clean new shirt.

Yes, the seemingly superficial things make a difference.

Treat yourself to something new, but don’t use shopping as a crutch.

It’s about how your appearance affects your identity and subsequent mood.

Take pride in the little things in general too.

That extra five minutes spent ironing that disaster you call a pair of pants will help.

Take the tiniest step towards something you always wanted to do.

What was that cool dream you kept holding off?

Now snap out of your bullshit, slap yourself in the face and commit to one tiny step.

Want to write that novel?

Write a 100-word outline.

See you at Barnes and Noble.

Write out a list of monster goals.

Few of us leave room in the day for dreaming.

It’s all relative, so focus on the goals that feel like a major stretch for YOU.