Nine fun habits that will make you more money

Alex Mathers


Making money needn’t be painful.

I realised over the years that if you view it as a struggle, you make less of it.

Those that are winning this game are finding ways to make it fun. Period.

This is why my emphasis here is on fun and being creative.

The looseness and pleasure derived from enjoyment is the kind of energy you want in money-creation.

Like Andy Warhol, one of the wealthiest artists of our time said:

“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

These habits have helped me grow my businesses (a ton):

RE-commit to making a lot of money.

What’s the habit here?

This: Your repeated commitment to money-creation. Most people have zero commitment to creating money and then moan about why they have none. Money-creation is absolutely rooted in continually re-energising yourself around why you want it.

This means writing down goals daily (yes, daily, bro) to re-affirm this commitment and passion.

You are not above making money.

We live on an economic planet. You may as well have fun with it.

Connect with a human.

Every day, reach out to interesting people you believe you can serve with your skills and give them something of value.

Do not approach this with any expectations. Keep it light and fun. Just do this as a daily practice, and your network will grow as a symptom of this work.

I neglected this when building my own design company in my twenties, leading to my income frequently running dry.

Your business’ life-blood is people.

Get active and make friends today, so you can create opportunities tomorrow.

Run an income audit.

Eesh. Sounds dry and complex, right?


All I’m talking about here is drawing up a list of all the activities you do each week and seeing which of them make money.