Twelve cool ways people are making money online with their knowledge

Alex Mathers
7 min readJun 14, 2024

Ever since I first used the Internet in the early nineties, I’ve been interested in earning money online.

I’ve dabbled in many ways, from selling products to making affiliate commissions, but I’ve always loved the opportunities for sharing my knowledge with people who are willing to pay for it.

I still find it fascinating that you can have people willingly pay you for your knowledge on a topic, even if you are not an expert, and have not been formally schooled in that thing.

I have earned a great living coaching hundreds, while living abroad, on skills I taught myself as a freelancer.

I have coached, sold courses, books and been on live workshops. But I am continually excited by all the other opportunities that the web (and its users and innovators) is providing for anyone willing to teach, guide, coach, consult and help.

Some of the following I have tried and loved, and many I am considering for the next phase in my coaching business.

Through my own research, being a student on courses and talking with others, I am seeing incredible success and wealth being generated from these strategies.

Maybe they can inspire you to use your knowledge in a lucrative way. What’s exciting is…