Less is more: eight strategies for streamlining your online brand so you gain raving fans faster

Alex Mathers
5 min readJun 10, 2024

Too many of us make audience growth, online business and this branding stuff more complicated than needed.

Instead of adding more, as many do, I’ve trained myself to regularly ask myself:

‘How can I simplify this?’

Otherwise, my work turns into this towering, unruly beast that sucks the life out of me and fails to inspire anyone.

Make it easier for you and your potential fans and buyers by considering the following simplification measures:

Use a purpose statement.

One of the things I teach in my Movement Builder Pro course is crafting a purpose statement that reflects your deeper values and talents.

It’s the thing that guides who you help and how you can best help them.

That’s purpose — and it can inform every aspect of your brand and business choices.

When you know your purpose, everything flows from there. Your direction becomes rock-solid.

Here’s the one I use: I help solopreneurs who want to sell their knowledge overcome self-censorship and sabotage by helping them be themselves, so they build outstanding personal brands, inspiring more