I’ve struggled, and that keeps me winning.

Alex Mathers


It’s been a bit of a mess.

This is what I think when people ask me about my life story to date.

But I’m happy for it.

Because in the chaos of my life’s trajectory, I’ve uncovered things you might have missed were it all laid out perfectly.

I’ve stumbled into corners.

I’ve fallen into slumps.

I’ve made embarrassing mistakes.

And I’ve surprised myself with my resourcefulness too.

I’ve found ways to make things work.

And whenever it got really bad, I always found a way through.

A theme unites every one of my successes.

It is this:

All my wins are born out of pain.

I always lost my way when I turned my attention to ‘doing what I loved to do.’

Chasing happiness ironically made me stunted, awkward and depressed.

I became my most resourceful when necessity begged me for it.

Not when the sun was out, and conditions were perfect.

Problems with sharp edges pointed me to urgent action leading to solutions.

Personal challenges have moulded me the most.

My deepest sorrows pointed to my most genuine opportunities.

My passions were rooted in my fears.

Now I possess the most valuable tool of them all:

When I need a bit more light in my life…

I turn to the dark.


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