It’s time we figured out our direction in life. Here’s how to make it concrete

Alex Mathers


I had someone email me recently that their lack of purpose was driving them crazy.

They felt lost; trapped.

Surely the solution, if you are lost, is to figure out where you want to go. Right?

Isn’t it easy?

When we’re in a city we don’t know, and we are lost, what do we do? We figure out where we are going or where we want to go, and then we might consult a map, our phones, or ask someone for directions.

They tell us how to get there.

Now we are no longer lost.

And so it applies to life.

If we are lost, we must find our direction. We must figure out where we want to go.

But not just any kind of goal or target.

The direction we choose must challenge us.

It is having something challenging to get our teeth into day after day that makes life worth living.

And we don’t want to have a distant goal that doesn’t seem real, or creates a fleeting interest, that we then forget, only to feel lost again.

We need a goal that stirs us into action right now.

We need a goal, yes. But more importantly, we need to commit to being the kind of person that can reach such a target, right now, this very moment.

What kind of person do we need to be right now, so that our dreams will become a reality? Not just kind of. But an actual reality that you can taste, see, feel and smell?

Who do we need to be right now and what do we need to do today?

This is the ‘how’ of direction. If you’re lost in a city, you might take a cab.

This means doing what that kind of person would do EVERY day to get there, even if it feels awkward or painful.

None of this is supposed to be easy. Don’t expect it to be.

Just be that person and do what they do.