I’m telling you right now, be a maniac.

Alex Mathers
2 min readJun 25, 2024

Don’t listen to the bozos who tell you to take it slow and ‘just enjoy life.’

No. They want you smoking weed on the sofa with them, unproductive as all hell.

Creating things is our birthright and the most potent source of life energy when we allow it to flourish.

We are literally composed of the same creative force driving the expansion of the Universe.

This is why when we step outside of what’s comfortable and get to creating with a sense of urgency, we feel human again. It’s like drinking warm, nourishing soup after a long icy hike.

Creativity fills us up.

You don’t even need to be artistic to be creative and to fuel your creative engine. You can simply make a cup of tea with full presence. This is a purely beautiful and creative act.

If you’re feeling flat, get to creating. And then, when the momentum is there, ride that momentum like a cow in a tornado. Give yourself the gift of doing more with a sense of feverish energy — this is life energy.

I use the term ‘maniac’ here jokingly because when you start to level up and commit to creating more, with a sense of gusto, you are doing what few do. You set yourself apart.