If you’re stuck with your writing, these 12 little things will instantly nourish you

Alex Mathers
5 min readSep 30


A friend of mine was telling me about how he used to have a solid content-writing habit but recently fell off.

The momentum was there, but now it was gone.

And his readers were getting nothing from him.

He’d gone ghost.

He was overwhelmed with needing to keep up, and he’d run out of ideas.

I got sentimental momentarily and stared out the window because I’d been there many times before.

Then I told him you must check out my super ‘burnout blaster content checklist.’

The checklist details everything I consider whenever I’m feeling out of whack, blocked or fed up with my writing.

But at the same time, I’ve been writing and sharing consistently for over fourteen years now.

It’s brought me tons of benefits, like having a personal brand that allows me to make money living anywhere, being invited to speak, and the privilege of sharing my ideas with hundreds of thousands of people each week.

Here’s a checklist to run through to get you back on track:


Overwhelm is closely tied to overloading yourself with too many options.

Maybe you’re trying to take on too much. Ask yourself what you can actively do to minimalist your work and life?

Write a list of things to subtract.

Draw up fresh, fundamental commitments.

If you’re not writing every day, and you know you must, it’s time to re-commit. Get that line in the sand re-drawn.

I recommend free-writing at least 300 words every day at a similar time.

This gets the creativity flowing, and, whether you publish or not, at least you’re regularly writing without any pressure.

Embrace boredom.

You will be creatively rewarded to the degree you can sit in discomfort and waves of boredom.

I want you to try this: intentionally experience boredom.



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