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If you’re exhausted from publishing content (like me), this is why you need to IGNORE the conventional bullsh*t…

Alex Mathers
3 min readSep 19, 2023


In 2022, I wrote threads on X for hundreds of days in a row.

I grew my account by tens of thousands quickly.

More recently, I’ve found excuses to write and share less. I’ve been tweeting, but my longer-form stuff has been more sporadic.

Algo or no algo issues on X, my enthusiasm there has waned.

When I was writing daily threads, I had good reason to keep writing them. I was gaining thousands of followers and subscribers each month.

Now, I’m being rewarded less, but it’s a negative spiral. I see fewer results, so I write less and feel more ‘content fatigue.’

But I am writing this piece today to kick me upside the rump.

If you asked most people what they’d do if they felt a bit burned out from creating, they’d likely tell you to do less.

‘Take a break. Take some time in nature.’

I say go the other direction.

If you’re feeling fatigued around your content, and — like me — you think you’re oversharing, and it’s like you’re bothering people…?

Publish more.

Why though, bro?

The more I create, the more ideas I get. I literally get more creative when I create prolifically. I am slapping myself, realising this now. It’s always been like that.

The more I write and publish, the faster I get too. So, the excuse that writing takes too much time is out the window too.

Momentum is a mighty thing people miss.

The winners float on it.

The other great thing about publishing more is you actually start seeing real traction. Not just ‘meh traction.’

One of the most underspoken reasons people slow their output or quit is because:


You need to win. You need prospects to email you to thank you for a post you shared.

You want more subscribers and followers from a post.