If you’re a writer or creator and tired of not being seen, you need to read this

Alex Mathers
4 min readMar 6


You’ve finally finished your masterpiece. You’re beaming.

You feel good about it this time.

Could this be your big break?

You’ve added a funky title and some trendy hashtags.

You hit publish, feeling a mix of excitement and some trepidation.

An hour later…

Three measly likes and a comment from a stalker.

What happened?

Doesn’t the world appreciate quality art/tweets/photography/film-making/writing anymore?

Online guru guy said create GREAT content. That’s precisely what you did.

What gives?

Maybe you do suck after all.

Your motivation to do more is out the window.

It could be days…weeks until you build up the courage to create something new.

. . .

Crappy traction.

Anyone who has had anything to share with the world has been there.

Your confidence may have taken a hit, but the last thing you want to do now is to create less.

Many people say it’s all about the quality. But that’s not strictly true, even if it is the case for a few lucky one-hitters.

Creating QUALITY things is no longer the be-all-end-all solution to attracting an enthusiastic audience these days.

With the range, depth and amount of talent out there, bolstered by the fact that more people have access to better tools, quality is now a given. It is expected.

You can paint like Van Gogh (in public) today and still go unnoticed. It’s the sad truth.

But there is a solution…

To make an impact; to gain traction; to see engagement with what you do, now requires you to go beyond quality.

You need a host of other things too. Understanding your audience, creating from the heart, being authentic, being unique, being up to speed on trends a little, but most notably…

You need to show that you believe in your work.



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