If you want more engagement as a creator or artist, read this

Alex Mathers


It is frustrating when few seem to care about our work.

All those hours poured into that project. Such a flimsy response.

We finally gave ourselves a moment to believe in ourselves, and it’s fallen flat on its face.

How can we expect to stay focused and motivated and build any momentum, if barely anyone seems to care?

We try to keep our chin up and complain less.

But disappointment after disappointment can wear us down, whether we’re ‘strong and independent’ or not.

Should we give up?

Should we give it a rest and try something new? Again?

Let’s rewind a second and get clear on what ‘success’ is.

What do we need to be doing so that people take notice?

How can we make people gather round; tell their friends; share our stuff and hand over cash for our creations?

How can we make things that others don’t just say they like, to be nice — but things that are truly loved?