I was so frustrated with how little engagement my writing was getting until I made this simple mindset shift

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Alex Mathers
3 min readSep 5, 2023


Barely anyone showed any interest in the first hundred articles I wrote.

I’ve been writing and sharing articles and newsletters on various topics, from branding to online marketing to psychology, for over ten years.

I wrote articles that took me hours to write, but they fell flat.

Some articles did better than others.

But many were accompanied by the disappointing heaviness of feeling ignored and disliked.

The engagement was just ‘meh.’

It took me a long time of publishing my content online to learn how a tiny shift in mindset can turn everything around.

I remember reaching a point where it felt like something clicked into place.

I wrote like I had less to lose.

I started (finally) to relax.

I stopped trying to be impressive and be liked (dum dum move).

I started to be honest and reach into a part of me I thought I needed to hide.