How to transform awkward ambiguity into guidance that will put you ahead of the rest

Alex Mathers


Starting anything is rarely easy.

We have to contend with the awkwardness of ambiguity.

I wish someone could hold my hand and give me the steps.

But how is this possible if the steps were never trodden. Only in different shoes, on indistinguishable terrain.

You are new here.

And so is the experience.

And so it’s just you and ambiguity. Whether you want to accept its hand or return home is your choice.

There are comforts there — all familiar and warm and colourful.

But you could take the step. Is that such a big ask?

Not really. It’s pretty doable, really. It’s a step. You’re not even in the game of the ‘whole thing.’

That’s your secret.

Because playing with ambiguity can be easy. Few understand this because they do what you were doing five minutes ago — which was to see the full job. And the job pitched next to you — inexperienced you — seemed frightful and bleak and grey.

But that’s not what you’re playing for. A job done is a concept. A step, however, is within grasp. It’s right there.

With a step taken, you open up access to a small pouch of information. Act and receive. As you step, you realise ambiguity is a shape-shifter. As you move, ambiguity flickers and fades, only to be replaced by crystal-clear guidance.

Ambiguity + Movement = Information.

With information delivered, you know more than you did. This puts you in an excellent position to take another step.

So your task, dear traveller, is to drop the idea that ambiguity is to be resisted.

It simply hasn’t yet transformed.


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