How to supercharge the belief you have in your content and writing

Alex Mathers
5 min readJun 10, 2024

Isn’t there enough art in the world already?

Why would I need to create yet more content?

How can I stay motivated if there are thousands of people out there who make amazing art; who provide a brilliant service; who have outstanding products?

I’ve seen so little ‘success,’ and I’ve lost motivation to make more. People don’t seem to like what I do.

Why bother?

I have asked myself such questions, and overwhelmed myself with doubt by many more, over the last decade or more.

I’ve compared myself to others (and still do) and felt shit having done so.

I’ve blocked myself from starting new things because of these concerns.

Whether it’s from doubt, failure, confusion, or laziness, I’ve often held back from creating, promoting, sharing and talking about what I do with enthusiasm.

And yet, I have managed to maintain a steady flow of creative output, writing, and content over the last twelve years.

I’ve been able to stay afloat as a solo creative professional and earn (up and down) a good living from my craft.