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How to make yourself lucky

Alex Mathers


Ever notice how certain people seem to attract all the luck in life, while others are like characters in a Peanuts comic?

Always attracting the rain like they bathe in an aura of misfortune.

Do you think there might be something to that?

Were lucky people blessed by the Lucky Prince and his secret luck dust at birth?

Do unlucky people possess an unlucky gene?

Well, neither is probable.

What I’ve learned is that luck is an illusion.

Coincidence is certainly a thing.

So is being in the right place at the right time.

So is being prepared and open to opportunity.

‘Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.’ — Seneca

Might it be that these things can be encouraged and amplified?

But luck as a personality trait?…that’s made up.

If we believe that’s true, we’re less likely to favour hard work as a strategy for success. Thus — ironically — more likely to attract poor outcomes.

It’s a label we give to someone who is reaping the rewards of their positive actions.

You may receive good fortune as a one-off, sure. You could say that’s lucky. But is that…